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Lula is an occasional house guest. We love having her around. She adds some variety to the usual troop of chihuahuas. Check out the 55 sec. mark to see the making of my dad’s new circus act with Dodger.



by Sarah on March 21, 2011

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She be loco!

by Sarah on March 16, 2011

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Chloe wanted to burn some calories after breakfast. But Thor isn’t having any of it.


Monty turned one!

by Sarah on October 10, 2008

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On September 29th, Monty turned one year old. He is the rambunctious son of our neighbors Ben & Judy.

The Arnold Family

We celebrated with cake from Three Dog Bakery, which based on the look on Thor’s face is delicious.


Happy 1st Birthday Monty!! from stuckee on Vimeo.

Chloe eating cake

Thor and Monty

Thor and Monty had a blast. Chloe just tolerated Monty because she is a one man gal and her universe revolves around Thor. I am hoping this will change, because Chloe needs a little spice in her life and a love triangle would be just the thing.

Normally I wouldn’t say this, but for that evening I consider it a blessing that they couldn’t talk. Because I am sure all we would of heard was “MORE CAKE! MORE CAKE! MORE CAKE!”