I want to be popular

by Sarah on September 10, 2008

in Life,Likes

I saw Wicked the Musical last night at the Pantages Theatre. It was so frickin’ awesome, I want to see it again. I was lucky enough to break out my friend, Ana Banana, from the cage that her husband and 2 beautiful kids so lovingly built for her. They don’t let her out much, so we had a blast. (Ana, I bet you didn’t think I would write that!)

Ana & I enjoyed the first Act so much, when the curtain fell we were so happy and satisfied (you’d think we just rolled out of bed with Brad Pitt,) that we forgot about intermission and were ready to go home. For two educated women, it was pretty pathetic that we thought the show was over. It didn’t even dawn on us that the actors hadn’t taken their bows. It was just that good. My mom had to remind us that there was a second Act, (you mean we get to climb back into bed with Brad?)

The moral of the story: GO SEE WICKED!


“A tiny tree-shrew that lives on alcoholic nectar could – pound for pound – drink the average human under the table, scientists have discovered.”

I want to believe that this article from BBC NEWS about an “alky” tree-shrew proves that there is nothing wrong with a good cocktail. Whoever said “One can not survive on alcohol alone,” is going to have to think of another catch-phrase.

My dad just got a Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker, and let me just say that it kicks ass. I’m just looking for any excuse to get my drink on. . .