Wagon train

by Sarah on August 22, 2011

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We are Sequoia bound! Daniel and his family have been camping in Sequoia almost yearly since he was a baby. This year’s trip consists of us and my in-laws, a couple of Daniel’s brothers and his British Aunt, Uncle and cousins who flew across the pond for this expedition. We packed up both of our cars with a TON of crap. My in-laws are driving my car because I can’t stand seeing her this way. A quick glance makes me feel nauseous. My OCD is literally screaming at me.



At least my babies are enjoying the ride.


Lula is an occasional house guest. We love having her around. She adds some variety to the usual troop of chihuahuas. Check out the 55 sec. mark to see the making of my dad’s new circus act with Dodger.


baby, baby, baby

by Sarah on March 14, 2011

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People always talk about “pregnancy brain,” “baby brain,” “preg head,”…blah blah blah. I have my own affliction, “baby-on-the-brain.” It seems to be ALL that I think about lately. I want to have a baby. NOW. No matter how much I try to reason myself out of it. Lately I have been feeling like everyone around me is either pregnant or just had a baby. Even people that I thought would never-in-a-million-years have a child, are now parents. Admittedly, I am probably obsessed because it seems like an endeavor that is out of my reach. I have always been the “you always want what you can’t have” type. If Daniel would come to me and say that he was excited about the idea of having a baby, then I would quit obsessing over it and enjoy the other promising aspects of my life. But that would never happen because I married the one man in the entire universe that doesn’t have a single paternal bone in his body. Well actually, that is not entirely true. He is often very fatherly… if the “kids” are four-legged and bark.


Today was a crappy day. I fell of my horse this afternoon. We were trotting along when she decided to go sideways and, for some unknown reason, my body decided that it didn’t want to go that direction and would much rather slam into the ground like a WWE wrestler. I landed on the side of my body/ass. HARD. This might be the only time that I wish my love-handles were bigger. I could have used the cushion.

Later, I pulled my sore ass out of bed and donned my newly-purchased retro Star Trek costume for my neighbor’s Halloween party. I am not much of a Halloween fan. In fact it has taken my neighbor 4 years to convince me to participate. But Daniel dressed as Captain Kirk so we looked cute.

Daniel & Sarah wearing Star Trek costumes
Late in the evening Thor was whimpering that there was a party nearby that he wasn’t involved in, so I dressed him in his costume and took him next door. He promptly shit in their backyard. 2 feet away from the driveway where everyone was dancing. Normally I would pick up, but it was is in the grass in the dark. I looked and looked but I couldn’t find it. Then I did. On the bottom of my brand-new, I seriously bought them one hour before the party, suede boots. It just makes Halloween that much more special to me.

On an interesting side note: Before the shit incident, Thor was just sitting on the grass alone, watching everyone dance. There was a Sexy Nurse who was so worried that he was a stray dog. I can see why she was so concerned. A poor homeless dog just happens to wander into a Halloween party dressed as a PIRATE. Yeah that makes sense.

Thor wearing pirate costume


marriage or something like it

by Sarah on May 9, 2009

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So I have been dating Daniel since 1998 minus a 1 year hiatus. We have been married going on 4 years now. I can’t believe were the time goes. But lately we have fallen into a somewhat slump. I am being polite when I say that. It is actually a heart-wrenching, make you want to watch “Twilight” a trillion times, where the fuck did the romance go, dry-spell.

Now I understand that people by nature tend to be a bit of a liar, for example, only posting the most awesome photos and updates on Facebook and Myspace. When I started this blog, I had the same idea. I wanted to keep everything witty and light-hearted, but that is just not reality.

About a year ago there was a wave of wedding photos popping up all over the pages of former high school classmates. Now the trend seems to be babies. I have a game with myself that before I login to my Facebook account I will try to guess who’s profile picture will have changed into a black & white ultrasound of a tadpole. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for everyone. And although everyone shares nothing but good times, new husbands, new houses, and new babies, I am inclined to believe that they are generally satisfied with there lives. And I want all of that. The whole package.

Currently for me I am not satisfied. I want the fireworks back. Is it guaranteed that every marriage will eventually lose the magic? I don’t want to believe that. If that was the case then why would anyone get married? Joint income, health insurance, and tax deductions are just not enough for me.

Daniel and I have a plan to wait to have a baby for another 3 years or so. It is really his plan that I have grown to accept. I am supposed to finish film school by 2012, then work for a year, then have a baby. That would put me at about 33 years old. In Daniel’s mind it is the perfect little plan. I would love to have a baby right now, but he can’t even stomach the idea. He is going to be 30 next month and it seems that will every birthday he has become less of an adult. This year he wants a moped for his birthday. All this would be fine if he was rocking my world right now. We should be having the time of our lives, since we are without any heavy responsibilities.

We took a short trip to Hawaii last weekend to visit with some friends. I knew beforehand that Daniel would be preoccupied with the guys and there activities, (i.e. drinking, drinking, drinking, and renting mopeds.) I even told him to go without me, but he insisted saying that it wouldn’t be fun otherwise. However, I didn’t even get one romantic evening or even a romantic dinner with him. NOT ONE!!! Which gives me some heavy ammo against him for a long time. Perhaps he is going through a quarter-life crisis? Or maybe he is just an idiot. I think it is the latter.

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What in this picture doesn’t belong?

by Sarah on December 22, 2008

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cat in Christmas tree

100% original. No Photoshop. I swear.

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This weekend I spent some time with my best friend, Anamaria, her husband and two children. We had a lot of fun making a mess in the kitchen decorating a Gingerbread house and tree. We also made Rice Krispie Treats because I had been craving them since Thanksgiving. No, I am not pregnant, but you wouldn’t know it by the way I devoured them. It was if Kellogg’s had just announced that they had seized production forever of the delicious SNAP, CRACKLE, and POP goodness.

Ana told me that she had been saving some books for me since she had her first child. She handed me the standard, must-have “What To Expect. . .” books, as well as “The Expectant Father,” which her husband Ryan had read. I brought them home and put them on my bookshelf as a somewhat reminder to Daniel that there WILL be a baby in our future. This morning I pointed them out to Daniel.

“Babe, when we finally decide to have a baby you will read this book for the expectant father.

Daniel looked at the book, then looked at me and said, “Can’t I just YOUTUBE everything?”


Daniel and I just returned from our trip to Honolulu. We were visiting our closest friend Josh, and we got to meet his new girlfriend Stephanie. It is no secret that I was very nervous about meeting her. I was close to his previous girlfriend and didn’t know what it would be like to hang out with someone new. Just like I always do, I was worrying for nothing. She was great. Stephanie has a completely different personality than his ex, but Daniel and I like her a lot. She is fun to party with, very sweet, and very down to earth.

During our trip Daniel & I drank a lot (no surprise there), we laid out on the beach getting tan (actually, I got tan and Daniel got a little tan mixed with a lot of red.) I got to swim with a sea lion and a dolphin. Daniel would not participate stating that both the sea lion and dolphin will “Bite my nose or fingers off.” In a lot of respects, Daniel is more daring than me. For example, he loves roller coasters and Freefall rides. Whereas I sobbed like a baby when he managed to coerce me onto Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Which I will NEVER go on again. But I can ride horses, and swim with dolphins, so I win.

Daniel caught a cold the day we were leaving Hawaii. He then gave it to me. So I am sick right now. And I don’t need to remind anyone how much I loathe being ill. So I don’t feel so bad for trying to wax his chest hair with Nads. It turns out that you have to pull the cotton strips VERY quickly. I think we are even now.


I swear this is EXACTLY what Daniel said.

by Sarah on October 20, 2008

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Dad: “Why are you losing weight Daniel? Are you still eating a big meal in the middle of the night?”

Daniel: “Yes. But most often not really.”