I have a ton of projects that I am always thinking about doing. I want to draw, crochet, paint, be crafty… but I rarely finish anything or actually even begin for that matter. They are always floating around my head in the manner of “wouldn’t it be great if I…” So on that note, I have been inspired recently by the movie “Julie & Julia” to cook my way through another prominent cookbook that is better suited for my lifestyle. Enter “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.” This is a ridiculously ambitious challenge. I own the hardcover format from which I purchased at Costco years ago and have barely looked at it until now. I guess I’ve been waiting for a time when I have my own home with my own kitchen that I can actually use and not be forced to worry about it’s appearance over function.

According to Amazon, this book weighs 4.2 pounds and has 752 pages, and includes more than 800 recipes. 800! I don’t know yet what my time frame should be but I should definitely set a deadline to finish. Otherwise I doubt I would even stick to it.  I don’t want to be unrealistic in my endeavors. I am pretty sure that Julie was already accustomed to cooking every night when she set out to tackle “Julia.” I am not even used to pouring cereal each morning. Eating take-out has become a way of life. One that I am completely ashamed of. So I will need to set realistic goals. But what would those be? I think I need to give this some more thought.