Chloe loves Thor

Lets get ready to rumble

by Sarah on October 14, 2008

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Thor and Boston Terrier

Another photo from our recent beach trip. Thor is displaying an attitude with an exuberant Boston Terrier puppy. Daniel was collateral damage from the scuffle that began moments later.


sand crab

by Sarah on October 11, 2008

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Thor at beach

At Huntington Dog Beach. The look on his face says, “What the hell am I doing here? Do I look like a water-dog to you?”



by Sarah on October 9, 2008

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Daniel and Thor sleeping

They say living with me makes them exhausted. I say it was because they stayed up all night watching Stargate and eating cheeseburgers.


Wild Kingdom

by Sarah on October 8, 2008

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Daniel, Thor, and Kiki

That white object in the lower left corner is Kiki (looking straight into the camera). She is a vicious, squealing, feathered, maniac cockatoo. Thor is well aware of this and is using Daniel as a bodyguard.

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Christmas is coming.

by Sarah on October 7, 2008

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Thor as reindeer

I found this picture of Thor from a few years ago. Tears were welling up in his eyes as he was begging me “Please mama, I don’t wanna be a reindeer.” Oh, how I love the holidays.