October 2009

Today was a crappy day. I fell of my horse this afternoon. We were trotting along when she decided to go sideways and, for some unknown reason, my body decided that it didn’t want to go that direction and would much rather slam into the ground like a WWE wrestler. I landed on the side of my body/ass. HARD. This might be the only time that I wish my love-handles were bigger. I could have used the cushion.

Later, I pulled my sore ass out of bed and donned my newly-purchased retro Star Trek costume for my neighbor’s Halloween party. I am not much of a Halloween fan. In fact it has taken my neighbor 4 years to convince me to participate. But Daniel dressed as Captain Kirk so we looked cute.

Daniel & Sarah wearing Star Trek costumes
Late in the evening Thor was whimpering that there was a party nearby that he wasn’t involved in, so I dressed him in his costume and took him next door. He promptly shit in their backyard. 2 feet away from the driveway where everyone was dancing. Normally I would pick up, but it was is in the grass in the dark. I looked and looked but I couldn’t find it. Then I did. On the bottom of my brand-new, I seriously bought them one hour before the party, suede boots. It just makes Halloween that much more special to me.

On an interesting side note: Before the shit incident, Thor was just sitting on the grass alone, watching everyone dance. There was a Sexy Nurse who was so worried that he was a stray dog. I can see why she was so concerned. A poor homeless dog just happens to wander into a Halloween party dressed as a PIRATE. Yeah that makes sense.

Thor wearing pirate costume