March 2009

School is kicking my ass. I am currently taking Algebra, Logic, and Animal Biology. What the fuck was I thinking? Without jinxing myself, I am surfing through logic, treading water in algebra, and slowly drowning in zoology. I have said this before. . . I am just not the best student. I have a hard time managing my time properly. In a word, PROCRASTINATION!

If I know a week in advance that I have 5 chapters of math homework due on Friday at noon, I guarantee that I will wait until 7 p.m Thursday evening to start. WHY!?! Seriously, I want an answer. I will do every chore around the house that I had previously been avoiding like the plague to stall doing my homework. It just doesn’t make any sense. So without fail, I won’t finish or not get as good of a grade as I could have, and then I will start mentally attacking myself on how I should have just gotten the shit done early. I swear it is a never ending cycle.

If I was smart, I would learn from my mistakes and do better the next time. This is what I always say. But we all know I won’t. But hey, on the bright side, I have 5 loads of clean laundry and my kitchen has never been cleaner.