back from vacation with my nose and all my fingers

by Sarah on October 31, 2008

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Daniel and I just returned from our trip to Honolulu. We were visiting our closest friend Josh, and we got to meet his new girlfriend Stephanie. It is no secret that I was very nervous about meeting her. I was close to his previous girlfriend and didn’t know what it would be like to hang out with someone new. Just like I always do, I was worrying for nothing. She was great. Stephanie has a completely different personality than his ex, but Daniel and I like her a lot. She is fun to party with, very sweet, and very down to earth.

During our trip Daniel & I drank a lot (no surprise there), we laid out on the beach getting tan (actually, I got tan and Daniel got a little tan mixed with a lot of red.) I got to swim with a sea lion and a dolphin. Daniel would not participate stating that both the sea lion and dolphin will “Bite my nose or fingers off.” In a lot of respects, Daniel is more daring than me. For example, he loves roller coasters and Freefall rides. Whereas I sobbed like a baby when he managed to coerce me onto Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Which I will NEVER go on again. But I can ride horses, and swim with dolphins, so I win.

Daniel caught a cold the day we were leaving Hawaii. He then gave it to me. So I am sick right now. And I don’t need to remind anyone how much I loathe being ill. So I don’t feel so bad for trying to wax his chest hair with Nads. It turns out that you have to pull the cotton strips VERY quickly. I think we are even now.

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