Caution: Snot Ahead

by Sarah on September 26, 2008

in Life

I hate being sick. Seriously. I really hate it. I despise the head-splitting headache, the constant stream of snot, my eyeballs feeling like they are going to be sucked into my brain by all the pressure building up in my skull, and the way my head feels like it is going to implode at any moment from blowing my nose to hard. Needless to say, I take a different approach to being ill than Daniel does. I need to be babied and Daniel’s philosophy is “suck it up, move on, and go to work.”

If I had my wedding to do over again I would make the “in sickness and in health” the opener of our vows. The priest should have said, “Daniel, do you take Sarah as your wife and promise to take care of her when she is a whiny, snot-dripping maniac, who needs sympathy everytime she sneezes, and constant reassurance that she will get better?” And then the look on Daniel’s face would have ruined the photos.

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