Why Thor put a Wanted Ad on craigslist for a new mother

by Sarah on September 11, 2008

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A couple weeks ago Thor had a routine dental cleaning at Vanderhoof Veterinary Hospital. So now I am supposed to brush his teeth daily to keep his teeth pearly white. I am proud to say that I haven’t missed a day yet. However, if Thor could talk, I am sure he would have some choice words for me about his new evening routine.

Every night I sit on the floor and call his name. He knows without even seeing me that he wants nothing to do with anything I have to offer. I usually have to beg him to come to me, for what seems like forever because it is usually the middle of the night and I am so tired that I barely want to brush my own teeth let alone his. Finally he will slither over to me with the same look on his face every time. The look that says “I know that is a toothbrush in your hand, but you are going to use it to slowly pry open my chest and remove my kidney.”

Eventually I finagle his mouth open and brush his teeth with his own special chicken-flavored toothpaste. The whole procedure takes me less than a minute, and afterward he continues with his usual perky self. However, I guarantee that tonight I will call his name and he will shoot me a look that says, “I know that I survived last night and the night before, but tonight I AM SURE that you ARE going to use that toothbrush to slowly pry open my chest and remove an organ.”

Daniel is off from work tonight. It is his turn to inflict the inhumane torture on our poor innocent Thor, so his breath won’t smell like ass for one more day.

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